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  • laboratory chemicals, technical chemicals, water analysis kits, chemical materials, automatic pipettes, dispensers, digital burettes, ph meter, conductivity meter, ph conductivity meter, orp meter, digital thermometer, termohigrometer, milk analysis devices, laboratory balances, moisture meter, laboratory gffurnaces, hot plate, magnetic stirrer, oven, rapid incinerator, pure water devices, stomacher devices, glass devices, plastic devices, platinium crucible, medical gloves, sterile gloves
    A company that values and prioritizes customer satisfaction, Analitik Kimya serves many industrial establishments from different industries, including Pharmaceutical, Food,
    Telephone: +90 212 659 98 70  Address: İSTOÇ 21. Ada No:39-41-43-45, Mahmutbey, Bağcılar İstanbul, Turkey
  • juices, fruit juices, fruit concentrates, apple juice concentrates, pomegranate juice concentrates, sourcherry juice concentrates, peach juice concentrates, apricot juice concentrates, strawberry juice concentrates, pear juice concentrates, quince juice concentrates, purees, puree concentrates, fruit purees, sourcherry purees, peach purees, apricot purees, strawberry purees, pear purees, apple purees, peach puree concentrates, apricot puree concentrates, apple puree concentrates, strawberry pure
    Established in 1972, ASYA Fruit Juice and Food Ind. Inc. opened its production facilities in Avanos, Nevşehir in 1975. In the year 1983, ASYA Fruit Juice and Food Ind. Inc. moved
    Telephone: +90 312 468 83 14 Address: Tahran Cad. No:19/4, K.Dere 06700, Ankara, Turkey
  • water, drinking water, bottled water, pet bottled water, plastic bottled water, dispenser size water, pure water, clean water, natural mineral water, ozone-free water, glass bottled water, drinkable water, natural spring water, potable water supply, potable water, dispenser size bottled water, mineral water, bottled mineral water, ozone free mineral water, spring water, fresh water
    ELMACIK WATER is bottled without human touch at any stage of the production from its spring till the filling process. Thus, water is delivered in pure and natural form to the
    Telephone: +90 264 888 35 00 Address: Çamlıca Beldesi, Yeşiller Mahç İstiklal Cad. 1. Sokak, No:207, Hendek, 54300, Sakarya, Turkey
  • paints and primers, paints and plasters, plasters and primers, primers and paints, plasters and paints, primers and plasters, facade paints, facade plasters, facade primers, exterior facade paint, paint, decorative paints, interior paints, exterior paints, plasters, polyester oil based paints, primers, insulation paints, roof coatings, water based paints, pure acrylic emulsion paints, acrylic emulsion paints, topcoats, mineral based decorative plaster, pliolite resin based paints, topcoat, emuls
    SanDeco has earned a recognized place among the paint industry with its 30 years of sector experience and satisfied customer portfolio. Our prior aim is to maintain customer
    Telephone: +90 216 575 56 56 Address: Küçükbakkalköy Mahallesi, Yenidogan Caddesi, Hazar Sokak, No:4, Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey
  • soaps, bath soaps, hand soaps, baby soaps, blister sopas, beauty soaps, flowpack soaps, paper wrapped soaps, olive soaps, aloe vera soaps, rose soaps, lemon soaps, orchid soaps, apple soaps, ocean soaps, lavender soaps, green soaps, pure soaps, natural soaps, soap, bath soap, hand soap, baby soap, blister sopas, beauty soap, flowpack soap, paper wrapped soap, olive soap, aloe vera soap, rose soap
    Our story started in 1992 with Food distribution and marketing. In 2000 we have started to manufacture chocolate&confectionary products. Our fast-growing company entered the
    Telephone: +90 342 357 01 80 Address: 5. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 83513 No’lu Cad., No: 13, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • refined sunflower oil, turkey sunflower oil, edible oil, vegetable oil, cooking oil, cooking oils, edible oil, edible oils, vegetable oil, vegetable oils, margarine, margarines, cooking oil, olive oil, pomace oil, virgin olive oil, rafined olive oil, pure olive oil, natural pomace oil, natural olive oil, natural oil, natural virgin olive oil, natural pure olive oil, organic olive oil, organic pomace oil, organic virgin olive oil, organic pure olive oil, olive oil for salad, olive oil for eat hot
    GUNAY OIL has been active in the edible oil sector for over 40 years. GUNAY OIL offers affordable and quality products to all kitchens that have adopted health and taste. The
    Telephone: +90 282 315 63 56 Address: Hisar Mahallesi, Tekirdağ Cad., No: 121, Hayrabolu, Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • cooking oils, edible oils, vegetable oils, sunflower oils, olive oils, pure olive oils, extra virgin olive oils, table oils, refined oils, refined sunflower oils, canola oils, rapeseed oils, cottonseed oils, cotton seed oils, cotton oils, pickled olives, olives, soaps, olive oil soaps, cooking oil, edible oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, pure olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, table oil, refined oil, refined sunflower oil, canola oil
    The history of Beşler Gıda ve Kimya A.Ş., established in 2006, is actually much more ancient, extending to the ULFET plant built in 1955. Beşler Gıda incorparated Ulfet in 2006
    Telephone: +90 342 513 00 11 Address: Yaprak Mah., İstasyon Cad. 74/28, Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • honey, honey comb, flower honey, bee honey, pine honey, jam, halva, halwa, honey with nuts, honey with crushed nuts, royal jelly, bee polen, sesame paste, honey products, natural honey, pure honey
    The first natural honey sales started in 1954 in southwest of Turkey by Mr. Haci Ahmet Manav in the history of Buram Bal. In that year the enterprise focused on selling natural
    Telephone: +90 552 400 73 87 Address: Ege Mah. Kenan Evren Bul. No:101/5 Dalaman, MUĞLA, Turkey
  • refining, cleaning, clarification, purifying, refined water, purifying apparatus, purifier, refining machine, filtration, hydrophores, water boosters, filling units, packing, package, steam boiler, boilers, distilled water, pure water, water circulating pumps, circulators
    Our company is at your service for the establishment of high quality and low cost industrial products with 35 years of industry experience. The rapid growth of transportation
    Telephone: +90 312 641 40 04 Address: Başkent OSB, Başkent Bulvarı, No: 29, Temelli, Sincan, Ankara, Turkey
  • cooking oil, olive oil, pomace oil, virgin olive oil, rafined olive oil, pure olive oil, natural pomace oil, natural olive oil, natural oil, natural virgin olive oil, natural pure olive oil, organic olive oil, organic pomace oil, organic virgin olive oil, organic pure olive oil, olive oil for salad, olive oil for eat hot, olive oil for eat cold, olive oil cold pressed, olive oils, light olive oil, organic light olive oil, natural light olive oil, light olive oils
    Olivos was established in partnership with SMS Group-Hong Kong, which has about 25 years of experience in the food processing sector in Far Eastern Countries.The Olivos plant was
    Telephone: +90 236 332 50 32 Address: Balmumcu Mah. Itri Sokak, No:14, Beşiktaş, İstanbul, Turkey
  • flour products, bakery products, baked products, baked goods, processed bakery products, meat pasty, noodle, dessert sekerpare, dessert kemalpasa, tarhana soup, filo pastry for baklawa, bread for wrap, home made noodle, farm noodle, lavash bread, wholewheat lavash bread, wholewheat wrap bread, lavalia wrap bread, lavalia lavash bread, lavalia wholewheat lavash bread, lavalia wholewheat wrap bread, pastry, pure tarhana, tortilla wrap breads, meat pasties, noodles, small cake, small cakes
    In 1996, begin operations in order to introduce traditional tastes by hand-made production. With the increasing demand and automated machinery technology, our company mechanized
    Telephone: +90 364 312 06 40 Address: Ankara Samsun Karayolu 5.Km Sungurlu - Çorum, Turkey
  • batteries, deep cycle batteries, deep cycle gel batteries, solar charge, solar charge controllers, automatic battery chargers, street lighting chargers, lcd screen chargers, inverters, pure sine wave inverters, inverters with charger, on-grid inverters, axpert smart inverters, solar panels, mono crystal solar panels, solar water pomps, pumpman solar pumps, solar pumps, pumps, charged batteries, wireless batteries, toy batteries, lithium batteries, chargin devices, chargers
    TEKSAN LTD STI was established in constitution of CETIN GROUPS in 2001. We are placed in first 10 companies of renewable energy sector. Teksan which supply quality, competitive
    Telephone: +90 236 213 10 10 Address: 2824 Sok., No: 6, Birinci Sanayi Sitesi, Bornova, İzmir, Turkey
  • cooking oils, edible oils, vegetable oils, olive oils, extra virgin olive oils, olive pomace oils, natural olive oils, refined olive oils, early harvest olive oils, early harvest extra virgin olive oils, extra-virgin olive oils, cooking oil, edible oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, olive pomace oil, natural olive oil, organic olive oil, refined olive oil, riviera olive oil, early harvest olive oil, early harvest extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, oli
    The Ulukartal family has been active in the Turkish Food Industry since 1928 . With the beginning of their olive oil production , they are continuing the family history and
    Telephone: +90 232 866 28 10 Address: Karakuyu Mah., Torbalı, İzmir, Turkey
  • pharmacy, pharma, pharmaceuticals, medicine, medical products, medicinal plant production, passiflora incamata, real natural pure live seeds, pure seeds, live seeds, seed, seeds, passionflower herb, fresh or dried herbs passionflower medical drugs, dried grass, drugs, medical plants, passiflora incarnata, pharmacy, chemical substances, human drugs, blood products, vaccines, vaccine, serum, serums, pharmaceutical industry, seedling, dry drog, sapling, weed, medicinal herb, herbs, medical, disposab
    Dekim Ecza A.Ş. constantly aims to improve its service quality in line with its goal of representing foreign enterprises and undertaking exports. To this end the company moved on
    Telephone: +90 232 461 63 00 Address: Kazım Dırık Mh. 374. Sokak, No:15, Bornova, İzmir, Turkey
  • canned, jar, food, fruit, health, vegan, vegetable, jam, paste, apple, tomato, fig, soup, sauce, kithen, restaurant, supermarket, vegetarian, baby, babyfood, natural, pure, noadditive, highquality, canned soup, Soup, marmalade, Supermarket, market, Food, Snacks
    As Kutlay A.S. besides operating in agriculture and commerce fields we have been operating in nutrition field with our restaurants, patisseries, meeting complexes and catering
    Telephone: +90532 697 07 37 Address: Fabrika: Ovoeymir Mh. 39. Sk. No:4, Efeler, Aydın, Turkey Ar-Ge: Adnan Menderes Universitesi Teknopark No: 56 Efeler/AYDIN
  • mattress, mattresses, spring mattresses, antibacterial mattresses, antibacterial fabric mattresses, antiallergic mattress, antiallergic mattresses, wool mattress, wool mattresses, viscoelastic mattresses, orthopedic mattress, orthopedic mattresses, pure wool mattresses, pure cotton mattresses, waterproof mattress protector, waterproof mattress protectors, mattress protector, mattress protectors, bed base, bed bases, bed base headboard, bed base headboards, double bed base, double bed bases, sing
    Our company further adapts itself to contemporary innovations and values our valued customers' opinions and suggestions. Sies has taken its place in the domestic and international
    Telephone: +90 212 879 26 26 Address: Mermerciler Sanayi Sitesi, 2. Cadde, No:8/2, Beylikdüzü, İstanbul, Turkey
  • silicone hose, silicone wicks, lamar silicon, silicon profile, klingerit asbestos gaskets, elastomer seals, ptfe teflon gasket, ringle pure graphite gasket, spiral wound gasket steel, silicone gasket, viton seals
    Telephone: 0212 222 16 49 Address: Galata hırdavatçılar çarşısı no :67 karaköy/istanbul/TÜRKİYE
  • power inverter, car inverter, pure sine wave inverter, 12v to 220v inverter
    The main function of an inverter is to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), and to change the voltage level into a stable 120 or 240 VAC that can be used by
    Telephone: +1(310)6421113 Address: 8221 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles
  • extra virgin olive oil, oliveoil, olive, pure oliveoil
    Telephone: 905422443345 Address: Sahil Mh. Gulsumcamgoz Sk. No:15 Küçükkuyu - Ayvacık / Çanakkale
  • sunflower oil, cooking oil, vegetable oil, refined sunflower oil, crude sunflower oil, pure refined sunflower oil, refined deodorized frozen sunflower oil
    I am glad present to you GoldenSun™ pure refined deodorized frozen sunflower oil. Country of origin Ukraine - the World leader of production of sunflower oil . Every second
    Telephone: 00380956800199 Address: Kherson region, Kherson
  • industrial floor sweeper, sweeper collector, sanitation road sweeper, public cleaning vehicle, street sweeper, multifunction road sweepere, diesel road sweeper, mini road sweeper, smart sweeper, push-hand sweeper, electric scrubber, high-pressure washing sweeper, compactor vehicle, washing and drying scrubber, auto dumping sweeper, pets absorption sweeper collector, pure vacuuming sweeper, pure absorption sweeper, multifunction street sweeper, cleaning equipment, cleaning vehicle, industrical cleaning sweeper
    Nantong Mingnuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd,founded in 1988, is one of the professional manufacturers of road cleaning and environmental protection equipment. During the past 20
    Telephone: +86(513)88218326 Address: No.99 Tonghai Road, Hai'an County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province China
  • organic argan oil, pure argan oil, cosmetic argan oil, argan export comapany, argan hair oil, argan nuts oils, argan oil for culinary use, argan oil for skin massage, argan oil haire shampoo, argan oil soap, wholesales argan oil, moroccan haire oil, raw argan oil
    Oriental Group is able to offer cosmetic Argan oil and food Argan in bulk or packaged, as well as products of oriental Hammam and care: argan oil, black soap, natural soap,
    Telephone: 00212600604387 Address: N°200 Lot Elmassar,Sidi Ghanem Industrial Estate Route de Safi, 40 000 Marrakech, MOROCCO
  • honey, pure, manufacturer, mexico, raw, quality
    Telephone: +98-9123456887
  • moringa oil, moringa oils, moringa seeds, pure moringa oil, tamanu oil
    we are manufacturer and exporter of Natural oils in india , established in
    Telephone: +91-9159805477 Address: 64, sathya Narayana puram, chinthamanipudur, coimbatore- 641103
  • parenteral solution, ampoul, serum, normal saline, isotonic, pure bottle, twist-off, inject-port, tts, distilled water, wfi, injectable, intra, Intravenous, pp bags, pvc bags, polypropylene
    As TURKTIPSAN A.Ş. we have started our premise activity in health sector with parenteral solution manufacturing as our first strategical investment. The purpose of the
    Telephone: +90 312 844 15 08 Address: Büğdüz Mh. Kaymakam Ali Galip Cd. No:28, 06750, Akyurt, Ankara, Turkey
  • juice, concentrate, puree, pure concentrate
    Telephone: 90(272)351 22 22 Address: ADRES: KONAK MAH.ÇİVRİL YOLU CADDESİ 3.KM DİNAR AFYONturkey
  • Natural Stone, White Marble, Marble Stone, Stone, Culture Stone, Stone Natural, Marble Tile, Paving Stone, Granite Stone, Natural Slate, Wall Stone, Marble Slab, Marble Floor, Cream Marfil, Natural Culture Stone, Stones, Marfil Marble, Granite Tile, Slate, Stone Polished, Stone Slate, Travertine Stone, Decorative Slate, Cultured Stone, Stone Granite, Pure White, Marble Tiles, Granite Brick, Wall House Stone, Marble, Marble Quarry, Travertine Tile, Marble Bathroom, Marble Ceramic, Marble Crema, Marble Floors, Marble Kitchen, Marble Mosaic, Marble Wall, Carrara Marble, Carrara Tile, Flooring Granite, Granite, Granite Marble, Granite Slabs, Green Marble, Natural Tiles, Polished Marble, Porcelain Marble, Slab, Stone Floor, Tile Counters, Tile Countertops, Tile Designs, Tiles Black, Travertine, Travertine Floors, Travertine Marble, Tumbled Marble, White Carrara, White Tile
    Telephone: 90 312 267 38 28 Address: 1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Oğuz Cad. No:35 06930 Sincan Ankara - Turkey
  • Spring Bottled, Spring Mineral Water, Spring Water, Water, Water Mineral, Water Natural, Water Pure, Water Spring, Waters, Beverage, Bottled Water, Drinking Water, Drinks, Food, Mineral Spring Water, Mineral Water, Mountain Spring, Natural Mineral, Natural Spring, Natural Water, Plastic Bottle Water, Pure Water
    Telephone: 90444 43 41 Address: Gazimahbup MH. Ahçılar SK. No11/A Merzifon / AMASYA TURKEY
  • Iron Ore, Raw Pig Iron, Raw Steel, Light Metals, Alloys, Pure Metals, Non-iron Metals, Non-iron Alloys
    Telephone: 90216 612 00 00 Address: Çubuklu Mahallesi Şehit Murat Akgül Sk.Koza İş Merkezi No:2 Kat:3 Kavacık 34810 Beykoz / İSTANBUL/ turkey
  • Natural Stone, White Marble, Marble Stone, Stone, Culture Stone, Stone Natural, Marble Tile, Paving Stone, Granite Stone, Natural Slate, Wall Stone, Marble Slab, Marble Floor, Cream Marfil, Natural Culture Stone, Stones, Marfil Marble, Granite Tile, Slate, Stone Polished, Stone Slate, Travertine Stone, Decorative Slate, Cultured Stone, Stone Granite, Pure White, Marble Tiles, Granite Brick, Wall House Stone
    Telephone: 90 358 273 53 07 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi No:1 Amasya - Çorum Karayolu Üzeri AMASYA/ turkey
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